A complex of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM will help build up new joint tissue and reduce pain. Don’t be fooled by imposters with glucosamine; the sulfate form (found herein) is the only effective form. Also, don’t believe the myth that chondroitin is ineffective.  Basically, both glucosamine and chodroiton are little molecules that provide the building material of joints.  And while it is true that chondroiton is a much larger molecule and will thus absorb less effectively than glucosamine, they are not comparable in form or function.  MSM is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory to make sure that the new joint material put down by your glucosamine and chondroitin is there to stay.  Warning: many joint formulas are made from shellfish (read labels if you are allergic).*

You may have notice that fish oil has been gaining popularity. That’s because it is useful for many ailments; joint health is one them. The “good” fats in fish oil work to reduce inflammation,  a fancy word for ‘tearing down perfectly good tissue.’  Of course you don’t want your body breaking down joint tissue every time you go jogging, fish oil will help ensure that that doesn’t happen.  This formula is also a stronger formula than most, so one a day will suffice.*

This guy is not actually a guy, but a family of digestive enzymes with a dual role.  Sure bromelains break down certain types of food (protein to be exact), but they also have an anti-inflammatory effect.  This is particularly helpful for joints, which have a tendency to experience inflammation most as a result of exercise.*