Learning how to be a healthy person starts with what you eat.  You may not exercise, you may not drink enough, you may not sleep enough, but you will always eat.  Knowing a little about nutrition is essential to understanding what you are trying to accomplish here.  Now nutrition is the process of consuming and utilizing nutrients.  Nutrients are substances that provide necessary nourishment to the body.  The main types of nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  Technically, water is a nutrient and many other substances can be considered nutrients as well, but for our purposes, we will stick to the “traditional” nutrient categories.  Carbohydrates and fats are primarily utilized for energy production and storage.  Protein is primarily for growth and repair (although it can be used for energy).  Vitamins and minerals are used to carry out biological processes that otherwise could not be accomplished.

Nutrition is very important because what we eat plays a large part in homeostasis; the maintaining of a proper equilibrium or balance so that our body can function the way it is supposed to.  In other words, proper nutrition gives our bodies all the nutrients it needs to run most effectively.  Think of a car.  A car “eats” gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.  All have different roles, yet all are necessary for the vehicle to run properly.  Just like your body though, a car can seem to run well for a while on less than optimal levels of some fluids, but eventually the car will fail earlier than if the fluid levels were at optimal levels.  Nutrients in your body are the same.  You need proper amounts of them for your body to function properly.  Your body may “feel” fine for example if you don’t eat five servings of fruits and veggies everyday, but inevitably it will “fail” sooner than it has too.

What I’m trying to drive home here is the idea that good nutrition is not the same as great nutrition.  Lots of people have healthy diets, but not necessarily the healthiest they could be and really should be.  Maybe you stop at the drive through and pick up a burger and fries dripping with grease almost every day.  Is that a healthy choice?  Certainly not, but what if you only eat that once in a while?  Is that OK?  Now think about how often you could eat artery clogging food and still be healthy.  How about optimally healthy?  I’m not giving an answer here because I’m not sure there is one, but I can tell you this:  If you eat healthy for the most part and have some ‘unhealth’ food every day, your diet stinks.  If you have a heart attack meal once a month, it won’t make any difference to your overall health.  You have to decide where the happy medium is and hopefully the information contained throughout this website will help you to do that.