There is no question that many of us have problems sleeping.  There are all sorts of causes like obesity, medication, cognitive issues, etc.  Whatever the problem and whatever level of sleep you experience, it can be better.  That is not to say that you will sleep as well as your two-year-old, but better is, well…better.

There are plenty of drugs out there to help with sleep(like Ambien for example)  if you really need it, but I prefer the natural approach when possible.  Drugs have their place, but I can’t see the logic in taking one when natural supplementation can solve the problem.  You are the judge, so if you think you need drugs, that’s fine, but give natural remedies (and the techniques outlined here) a chance first.

This is a hormone found naturally in your body that gets you to sleep.  No melatonin, no sleep.  Some people are simply deficient in this important nutrient and supplementation can be their “magic bullet.”  5 mg before bed is a typical dosage.

While eating foods high in tryptophan (an amino acid) don’t actually make you sleepy as the wives’ tale goes, it is essential in the formation of 5-HTP which does.  Like melatonin, this guy is a natural part of the sleep process.

Valerian Root
This naturally-occurring root is known for its ability to aid in relaxation.  Since many of us can’t get to sleep because of stress, valerian can help tone you down enough to get to sleep.

You may have noticed this one appears several times throughout this website; I love it.  While it is not known specifically as a sleep aide, it can help.  Think about it!  The brain is what is responsible for getting you to sleep.  PS improves cognitive function and so can help with sleep too.