How much of each food group should I eat?

This question does not have a concrete answer either, I’m afraid; it depends mostly on your goals.  For instance, a bodybuilder would want more protein in their diet and a dieter would want fewer carbs than the “average” person.  However, we will cover those of us that are “average” and looking to be healthy.  Chances are you aren’t concerned with copious amounts of muscle and like I mentioned before, if you have weight to lose, just following the suggestions in this book will help you get to a healthier weight.

So, we will consider what “average” people should eat.  I will do this in the form of a pie chart.  Remember, everyone will be much different in terms of how much food they should eat, so I won’t talk about number of servings or calories.  The pie chart consists of relative quantities.  This is meant to indicate how much of the food you eat should be from each food group.  So, the person who eats 3000 calories per day will still have the same proportions as the one who eats 1500 calories per day.  The difference will be the total amount of food, just more or less of all food groups.

In the ideal world, all the approximate proportions of each food group would be present in every meal.  However, life is often not ideal, so many times your meals will not contain all food groups every meal, but other meals will include different food groups.  In other words, you don’t need to have fruit at every meal, but it should still constitute about fifteen percent of your diet daily.  That being said, each food group should show up in at least 2 meals everyday.

This is a chart of approximately what proportions of each food group should be present each day.  Remember, this is not exactly what you need each day, just approximately what you need.  You may never get these proportions exactly, but try to stay close to it.

Regardless of your goals, if you want to be a healthy person then the food pie is your friend.  If you want to lose weight, eat less of everything of course, but cut your carbs (grains) significantly.  If you want to build muscle, crank up your milk and meat at the expense of carbs, and if you just want to be healthier, follow is as is.  This is an important part of how to be a healthy person.