Why sleep is so important

When you sleep you are giving your body the rest and repair it needs.  Your brain and body have been working all day to function in life and they need a break.  The break is what we call sleep.  It’s not the same as resting (as we all know), but that’s because when we rest, we are only resting from daily activities.  That is not the same as sleeping, which is a much deeper form of rest.  When you don’t get enough sleep, you are not giving your body the rest it needs to function properly.

Think of life as a car.  You are supposed to change the oil every so many miles (sleep).  If you do the car runs at its best, but will still slowly age (as we all do).  However, if you don’t change the oil, your car begins to run less efficiently, and problems begin to develop as a direct result of the old oil.  Although some of these problems may have eventually developed anyway, the truth is that they would not have appeared for much longer had the oil been changed properly.  It is no different with us.

How lack of sleep affects you

We have all experienced lack of sleep at one time or another.  What is really happening though is that our body and mind are functioning at a diminished level.  You usually feel tired, but you may not always notice the direct effects.  It is much like the oil analogy.